A Christmas Party that Lights Up the Heart

Well, well, it’s Christmas time once again! Definitely, this is one of the happiest moments in a child’s life. Tis the season to be jolly, right?

The Pre Schoolers were more than jolly during their Christmas Party on December 20. Dressed as angels, Three Kings, shepherds, Mary and Joseph, they lit up the hearts of everyone. They reenacted the Nativity Scene with aplomb, as if they were real actors and actresses.

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Meanwhile, the graders held simple celebrations in their classrooms.

A Christmas Party that Lights Up the Heart A Christmas Party that Lights Up the Heart

After giving the kids a grand time, the teachers prepped up for their own Christmas party. Mrs. Maria Joycelyn S. Añonuevo, principal, and Mrs. Nelia S. Samaco, administrator, gave gifts to all faculty members and staff.

2012-12-20 15.37.29mam joy

2012-12-20 15.38.17

2012-12-20 15.44.57

2012-12-20 16.04.492012-12-20 16.05.43

It was a tiring day but it filled everyone’s heart with happiness and love.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Outreach Program: Bukas Aparador

1 Timothy 6:18 Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share. Hebrews 13:16

Good leaders are those who respect the rights and lives of others. Their hearts reach out to others, share a part of themselves, give cheerfully. Unfortunately, the virtue of selflessness cannot be taught or caught overnight. Most young children do not care about others. That is a fact of life. But if they can sense the happiness we feel each time we give to others, they learn that such an act can satisfy them, too.

MLISFI‘s outreach program, Bukas Aparador, started in 1996, during the school’s first chistmas party. Mrs. Nelia S. Samaco, the administrator, saw street children staring at her pupils.The MLISFIans wore new clothes, ate delicious food and had beautiful toys. How she pitied the kids. So, when an ice cream man passed by, she called him and bought ice cream for every child she saw. The happy and contented smiles on the children’s faces inspired her to do more. She urged the pupils and their parents to open their closets and give away their old clothes and toys to the needy. Bukas Aparador (open the closet) was born.

Outreach Program: Bukas Aparador

To this day, MLISFI still searches for schools or communities which deserve help. Just a few days ago, the school went to Malaya Elementary School, which is situated in a remote community. We were warmly received by the principal, Mr. Mones, the  teachers and parents as well.


 After the welcome speech, a lively dance number was presented by MLISFI’s Sangguniang Mag-aaral.

2012-12-21 08.47.17   2012-12-21 08.47.35 2012-12-21 08.47.47

Then, the MLISFIans distributed their gifts (old but usable clothes, toys, noodles, canned goods, rice) which were warmly received by the school children.

  DSCN5089 DSCN5090 DSCN5091 DSCN5093 DSCN5094 DSCN5099 DSCN5100 DSCN5104 DSCN5105 DSCN5106 DSCN5108 DSCN5109 DSCN5111 DSCN5112 DSCN5113 DSCN5115 DSCN5116 DSCN5117 DSCN5118 DSCN5121 DSCN5122 DSCN5124 DSCN5126 DSCN5127 DSCN5128 DSCN5129 DSCN5131 DSCN5145 DSCN5146 DSCN5147 DSCN5150 DSCN5156 DSCN5159 DSCN5160

Givers are Receivers, too! When you give, you receive. You are rewarded with a warm smile, a whisper of thanks and a deep sense of joy. On a lighter tone, the Malaya Elementary School served super delicious rice cakes, buko-pandan, spaghetti and gelatin which we ate with gusto. As if they haven’t thanked us enough, the pupils and their teachers gave us on-the-spot dance numbers! Everyone really had a great time during this outreach program.

 DSCN5166 DSCN5167 DSCN5171 DSCN5174 DSCN5178 DSCN5179

DSCN5183DSCN5186 DSCN5189

There are so many needy schools and communities in Oriental Mindoro. You too, can help. Just leave a comment and we’d gladly reply to you as soon as we can.

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Science Camp 2012: Science and Technology Begins with Me

MLISFI believes that early exposure to Science and Technology develops a deep sense of respect for life. At an early age, MLISFIans become aware of the cycle of life and everything that constitutes it.

With the theme, Science and Technology Begins with Me, the school held friendly competitions  to boost the MLISFIans knowledge about Science and Technology, like:

Sci Art
Sci Art aims to discover a child’s artistic view about the world around him. Through his pens and crayons, a child can express his personalized view of a given theme.
  DSCN4740DSCN4741  DSCN4742 DSCN4743 222230_310171809087587_566496755_n 182304_310172275754207_559877520_n 181883_310172325754202_1268533242_n 12037_310171962420905_1820926637_nDSCN4744  DSCN4739  DSCN4840    

DSCN4840Science Camp Winners

Science Investigatory Projects

Let’s face it: the world’s population has grown leaps and bounds. The problem is, the economy isn’t.  The answer? Science Investigatory Projects (SIP).

SIP’s offer cheaper, more accessible products that can help alleviate poverty.  Grades 4-6 pupils are encouraged to create new or improve existing projects like medicines from herbal plants, cement with plastic wrappers, non-toxic mosquito coil and others.

The children, with the guide of their parents and teachers, do extensive research, gather materials, experiment with the use of laboratory tools and equipment in order to come up with high quality SIPs.

DSCN4764  DSCN4763  DSCN4762  DSCN4760    DSCN4759  DSCN4758 DSCN4757 DSCN4756       DSCN4755 DSCN4754 DSCN4752 DSCN4750 DSCN4781  DSCN4784 DSCN4798  DSCN4785    DSCN4795  DSCN4787

Sci Journ

The power of the pen can bridge the gap between the scientist and the layman. With the help of science scribes, scientific formula, theories and processes become easier to grasp. MLISFians were given the task to write an essay about this year’s theme, “Science and Technology Begins with Me”.

533489_310171379087630_291973294_n 397073_310171205754314_98553190_n 45275_310171252420976_1558816103_n 18116_310171322420969_1636440489_nDSCN4835 DSCN4821

Sci Quiz & Sci Trivia

Sci Quiz and Sci Trivia enhances a child’s knowledge about scientific knowledge. 

484262_310170769087691_1664399896_n 430830_310171069087661_2016683969_n 156280_310170809087687_2122711497_n 155473_310171122420989_1987879513_nDSCN4805   DSCN4807   DSCN4810 DSCN4817     DSCN4816   DSCN4815 DSCN4812   DSCN4813     DSCN4814

MLISFI’s intensive training by Mrs. Nelia S. Samaco (administrator) and Mrs. Lourdes L. Gamilla (2011 Outstanding Science Teacher of Oriental Mindoro) has bred National and Regional champions in SIP.